Saturday, February 6, 2010

Long Time No See

Hello , i'm so sorry that i've never updated my blog . Because , i kinda busy with my school stuff or things so i rarely to open this . I just open my twitter and some other things in internet . Right now , I'm watching Glee . Glee is the best comedy musical in tv show , it was so cool i can imagine if were be a cast of Glee hehee , and now i'm often watch Music Bank , Star Golden Challange , Invicble Youth and many other show in KBS and in Arirang plus Showbiz Extra , Pops in Seoul too . Cause i'm waiting Super Junior or maybe 2PM Gosh that group is HOT .

By the way , i just bought Nylon Magazine and the cover is Ian Somerhalder!
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This is my first time to buy Nylon , because nylon mag in here is so expenssive so i rarely buy it. i was so happy to buy it and i don't regret to buy it. Because it's awesome .

Btw , Kyuhyun birthday is on 3rd February . Happy Birthday , Evil Magnae Kyu! Happy Birthda Oppa! Wish you all the best!
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Okay , that's all i want to say and i want to show you one of my project . Goodbye . Sleep Tight . Bye

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